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Frontier Projectiles


Shooting Supplies

HPS is the sole Tasmanian distributor of
Frontier CMJ Projectiles. 

Frontier projectiles are the world's leading manufacturer of CMJ (Complete Metal Jacket) projectiles and are the number one choice of Champion IPSC competitors all over the world.

CMJ projectiles offer unmatched quality and consistency while reducing lead exposure by up to 96% which over years of competitive shooting can lead to significant health benefits, not to mention the substantially reduced levels of wear and tear on you prized firearms as a result of cleaner burning, reduced fouling and overall better performance and longevity that can be achieved with these projectiles.


Whether you are a serious competitive shooter of just a weekend plinker, Frontier projectiles will make reloading a breeze while making your shooting hobbies more enjoyable by significantly reducing the effort and frequency of cleaning required to keep your firearms in top working order while improving the performance of your firearms thus improving your shooting experience overall.

Please click on the Frontier logo above to see our current price list and contact us to submit an order.   

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