If you are planning an event, no matter what it may be, it is crucial to consider the security aspect of your event. The bigger the event, the greater the security risk, with risks to property and persons that can ruin the event in question. Often with large events there is the need to setup hours if not days in advance, this can mean leaving valuable equipment, products and stock out in the open where it is vulnerable to damage and/or theft which can undermine the success of the event.


Huon Protective Services can help. Our experienced and friendly staff can help to ensure that your event is a hassle free experience for all patrons and event organizers alike. Our focus is on pre-event planning and the overall security risk management of your event. This will allow you to rest assured knowing that those countless hours of preparations won't be in vain and that your event is in good hands.


Call us today to discuss your event and how we can help create a safe and secure environment for you and your patrons.


Event Security

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