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Armed Guards

Your ultimate deterrent!

More and more individuals in business are being attacked in brazen thefts by offenders who are desperate and potentially dangerous. The Australian Government’s Institute of criminology says that 44% of all robberies involve a weapon of some kind. With a growing number of armed robberies occurring each month in Australia it is clear that this is becoming a more serious problem. A similar trend is also evident with burglaries in that many burglars have been known to carry weapons of some kind to avoid capture.


So how can you protect yourself and your business from this growing threat? The solution is simple, Huon Protective Services.


We have highly experienced armed personnel with years of experience in the use and handling of firearms who are well equipped to provide a professional and effective armed security solution. Our armed security services provide an effective and highly visible deterrent to would be offenders.


Note: While our Cash In Transit services are typically provided as armed services, armed alarm response and patrol services are generally at our discretion and subject to an internal risk assessment.


Please call us today if you would like more information or wish to discuss specific armed security solutions to suit your needs.

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