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Cash In Transit

Your secure cash transport and banking solution!

Armed criminals often plan their crimes well in advance, watching their intended target at times for weeks before carrying out their crime. As many business owners and managers carry their cash to the bank themselves or rely on staff who are poorly equipped and/or prepared for the risk they are taking, this makes for plentiful opportunities for a would be offender to strike without even entering your premises or appearing on your CCTV footage. This is a preferred method of robbery used by many which can be easily avoided. 


Our Cash In Transit service provides a safe and secure process to get your cash and valuables to where ever you need them. Our vehicle/s are fitted with commercial grade safes to store your valuables, and with our onboard satellite tracking, communication and duress systems you can be assured your valuables will arrive safely. Our collections are tailored to suit the client’s needs and are conducted professionally with all consignments recorded and receipted using tamper evident cash handling procedures.


We are a fully licensed, insured and accountable service, with all cash and valuables in our custody being secured in commercial grade heavy duty safes until delivery, where a record of delivery is retained for proof of delivery should it be required. With our locally based  service all businesses large and small can afford to have the safety and security of a professional and reliable cash management

service which can eliminate the risk to you and your staff while significantly reducing the risk to your cash and valuables.

Call us to discuss how our cash in transit service can deliver you peace of mind and convenience today.

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