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About Us

Who is Huon Protective Services?



My name is Kaine Price, I am the founder of Huon Protective Services, a business that I established in July 2014. Having observed the market space for several years, it became apparent that this was a market space with little to no choice and at times sub-standard quality and consistency of service, so I set out to change that!


I came to the Huon Valley 22 years ago and have called this region home ever since, on a late night walk down a dark and desolate country road gazing at the stars, I decided it would be here that I would raise a family and grow old. That is why my commitment to the service my business provides in this community is unquestionable. Huon Protective Services is guided by a genuine desire to deliver a quality service that contributes to the safety and overall security of the community that we all share.


I started my career in the security industry approximately 15 years ago and in this time have gained a wealth of experience in various aspects of security, from the corner take away shop to high security sites defined as "national critical infrastructure". My wide range of experience has enabled me to study the methods and standards employed by some of the industry leaders and as such I have seen some the industries best practices and its worst.


As a result I can confidently say that Huon Protective Services does deliver the premium level of service that I have long advocated, there are no half measures and near enough is never good enough. Our service is without a doubt up with the industry leaders and in many cases we are in fact better equipped and prepared than those industry leaders.

If you care about the security of your assets and the wider community than we are here to work with you and your business to proactively and strategically improve security and safety in our community, a vision that with cooperative and collaborative efforts from the business community and HPS together with local government and law enforcement can improve the general community environment and reduce unnecessary costs incurred by businesses and residents as a result of criminal behaviour in our region.


Kaine Price

Owner & Manager

Huon Protective Services

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